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  • Anahi Galapagos itinerary
    "4 Days Cruise with Española"
  • Anahi Galapagos itinerary
    "5 Days Cruise with Genovesa"
  • Anahi Galapagos itinerary
    "8 Days Cruise with Devil's crown"
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Ecuador Amazon Jungle

The best way to discover the Amazon of Ecuador aboard on a cruise with daily jungle expeditions.

Mindo cloud forest

We offer a unique nature and birding experience. Personalized private tours with destinations even all over Ecuador.

Cultural/Historical tour of Quito

Experienced tour guides will take to only the best selective "Quito attractions".

Otavalo indegenous market

Visit the world famous indegenous market. In its fullest on Saturday. Fantastic mountain views of the Andes.

Visit Cotopaxi volcano.

Moorlands, Tundra like. Have an enjoyable day visitng Cotopaxi volcano combined with a cozy Hacienda visit.

"Recommended Galapagos itineraries"

"5 days itinerary A2"

Arrive on Friday to Baltra airport. Sail to Genovesa (red footed boobies), Santa Fe (endemic Santa Fe iguana), San Cristobal (to see Galapagos tortoises).....


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